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A Mechanic In Your Pocket


Automatic Diagnostic

Connected using a Bluetooth device, CarDiag provides the complete list of vehicle problems and their origins in simple and easy-to-understand terms.

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Manual Diagnostic

Cardiag provides assistance for a direct diagnosis by the user (visual defects, noise, smells, etc.)

Tutoriels réparation automobile

Simplest repair tutorials

Cardiag allows independent repair (Do-it-yourself – DIY) of the most common problems through tutorials and tips on purchasing auto parts.

Carnet d'entretien

Maintenance Book

digitize and store all repairs made by the user or a professional with attached invoices.


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Car breakdown troubleshooting

Support motorists thanks to an automatic diagnostic (bluetooth device) or a manual diagnostic.

Do-It-Yourself auto repair

Car repair tutorials and tips on purchasing auto parts.

Car repair at the nearest mechanic

Find the car repair cost estimation at the nearest mechanic.

Maintenance book

Car Maintenance book to keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance.

Routine vehicle maintenance

Perform a regular vehicle check-up, pre-vehicle inspection or before buying a car.

Turn off the engine light

Turn off the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) when it’s not associated to a real failure.

Upcoming features

Features under development


Get quotes directly on the app from trusted garages and mechanics in your area.

Schedule appointments

Management of appointments with the mechanic of your choice, to repair your vehicle without delay.

Mobile mechanic

Get your car repaired at your home or office.


CarDiag Scanner

Obtain a CarDiag diagnostic scanner for Android or iPhone.

PS: CarDiag is compatible with all OBD2 scanners

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