CarDiag : Your Easy Car Diagnostic


Thanks to its connected device and its 100% free mobile application, CarDiag allows motorists to diagnose their vehicle easily, independently and unlimited.


A secure and ultra accessible device


Easily connect your CarDiag device to your car, and access its state of health in a few seconds.


The CarDiag device is certified and guaranteed for 2 years.

boitier CarDiag


CarDiag is compatible with all makes of vehicles released from 2001.


No risk for vehicles and their manufacturer guarantees.

About our Mobile App

A 100% free, intuitive and multi-brand application


Coupled with the CarDiag device, the mobile application, available free of charge on the Google Store and on the App Store, allows motorists to diagnose the breakdowns of their vehicle and indicates the origin of the possible breakdown in simple terms and easy to understand.

It also allows electronic faults to be detected and the engine warning light to be turned off.



Key Figures

carCompatible cars
car-breakdownBreakdowns detected


This app is seriously amazing if you got time to do the labour.I couldnt believe what i had stumbled into.Lots of people will download this application cause it brilliant keep it coming im writing to whoever has invented this new age type of application.A trend it will be and then more then a trend and here to stay.Well i never who wouldve though.This car diagnostics application is simply an amazing idea.Like opening pandoras book what next.
Matthew C.
This app to me is my preferred one I do use some others for second opinions but this has got to be the easiest to use and it does what it says it does, that's why I've given it 5 stars.
Colin D.
Nice idea, useful for people who don't much about cars, like myself 🙂
Marko L.
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