What happens when you try to start the vehicle ? Nothing

* Issue : Dead Battery
* Description : The cause for replacement may be normal wear. Batteries should last 3 to 5 years under normal use.
* Solution : Battery Replacement

* Issue : Corroded Battery Terminals
* Description : A leaking battery, normal wear and over-tightening can all cause damage to the battery terminals.
* Solution : Battery Replacement

* Issue : Bad Starter
* Description : The starter is a high torque electrical motor that is attached to the rear of the engine. It is used to crank the engine until it can operate on its own power.
* Solution : Starter Replacement

* Issue : Faulty Ignition Switch
* Description : There are a few reasons your key may not turn in your ignition, first make sure your steering wheel hasn’t locked the ignition, this can happen if the wheel is turned all the way in one direction and you are parked on an incline. Try to free it by turning the wheel hard in the direction the wheels are pointing and turning the key at the same time. Second is that your key may be too worn for the cylinder to function with the key properly anymore, try using a spare key if you have one, or sometimes having a new key made will compensate for the worn down key. Last the ignition it self can break over time from regular use and will need to be replaced.
* Solution : Starting & Charging System Check

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