What is the problem you’re having with your automatic transmission ? The transmission will not downshift.

* Issue : Misadjusted Throttle Valve Linkage
* Description : The automatic transmission may malfunction from lack of fluid, contaminated fluid, or harsh driving. The transmission must be regularly maintained.
* Solution : Automatic Transmission Repair

* Issue : Automatic Transmission Fault (High Hydraulic Pressure)
* Description : A number of factors may cause the automatic transmission to fail or malfunction. If the hydraulic pressure is too high, the transmission will not operate properly and may fail. It is important to repair the transmission at the first sign of malfunction.
* Solution : Automatic Transmission Repair

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Please note

In most cases, the check engine light comes on even without a fault or because of a minor fault.
The electronics can be fickle and can detect "failures" without incidence :

  • Poor fuel quality,
  • Fuel tank cap improperly closed,
  • Low oil level,
  • A faulty sensor,
  • Etc...

Sometimes, a simple reset via CarDiag can solve a lot of "electronic problems".