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Cardiag puts all its expertise, softwares, data and predictive algorithms at the disposable of its clients : insurers, automobile repair networks, fleet managers, automobile manufacturers and mobility players, to develop their new value-added services.

Insurance sector

Offer a user experience to your policyholders allowing rapid deployment :
  • Personalized monitoring tools offer your customers the opportunity to improve their driving and adapt their behavior according to the objectives : safety, consumption or vehicle wear.
  • A digital maintenance book to track the vehicle’s maintenance.
  • Assistance : The “all-in-one” concept allows you to offer your policyholders a single treatment, thanks to the integrated tools for diagnosis, declaration of claims and management of assistance if necessary.
A concept for risk management
  • Drivers become more responsible and accident risks are reduced, thanks to a fun experience.
  • Risk management by analyzing individual behavior, the state of policyholder vehicles and claim rates in real time.
  • Analysis of driving data : The feedback from the driving data of the policyholder allows a global analysis of the risk behaviors and of the observed claims.
  • Innovative and competitive insurance offer.

Fleet managers

Optimizing management costs :
  • The eco-driving score provides a reliable analysis of driving, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Reduction of the number of vehicles immobilized thanks to the control of the wear of the components and the anticipation of breakdowns.
  • Improved efficiency of vehicle maintenance.
Simply collect and access data :
  • Vehicle data : Vehicle mileage, Fuel level, Vehicle status (stopped, on the road, etc.), Battery status, Maintenance deadlines.
  • Trip data : Date, time and duration, start/finish, Mileage traveled, Fuel consumption, CO2 emission, Average speed.
  • Driving data : Driving scoring (sudden braking, rapid acceleration, sudden turns, exceeding maximum speeds), Pollution scoring.
  • Alerts : Engine faults, DTC, Speeding and RPM, Maintenance date.
Reduce claims :
  • By promoting the safest behavior of drivers.
  • Integrated support tools.

Automobile repair networks

An innovative offer to retain your customers :
  • « All-in-one » concept : intuitive mobile application to support motorists from “A to Z” : from diagnosis to support within your repair network (quote, parts purchasing and appointment scheduling)
  • Digital maintenance book
Benefits :
  • Speed of diagnosis and support for the motorist, thanks to the pre-diagnosis already done by the application :
    • Vehicle data : Maintenance carried out
    • Alerts : Engine faults, DTC
  • Facilitate the access to the approved repair network : Management of appointments, towing request, availability of a courtesy vehicle …
  • Predictive maintenance : Track the state of wear of the components (spark plugs, injectors, etc.), the mileage, and the maintenance book.

Automobile manufacturers

Tool for optimizing manufacturer models thanks to user data :
  • Analyze recurring faults and breakdowns by make/model/year & country.
  • Identify fast-wearing consumables.
  • Track the main maintenances performed by your customers, by make/model/year & country.
Data as a Service (DaaS) :
  • Via standardized APIs, meeting CNIL and GDPR requirements
  • Tailor-made data analysis offer

Used-vehicle sales networks

Establishing a trusting ongoing relationship with your clients
  • Diagnosis of vehicles offered for sale.
  • Certification  by an independent company.
  • Analysis of breakdowns and recurring faults by make/model/year