User manual

/User manual


An OBD-II compatible car : all vehicles manufactured or imported are :

  • In the United States since 1996
  • In Europe (Gasoline since 2001. Diesel since 2003. LPG since 2001)

An OBD Scanner device Bluetooth/WiFi : easy to and available for less than 10 $ (Amazon …)

Having an Android/iPhone Smartphone


How it works ?



1- Install the CarDiag app

Install the free and intuitive “CarDiag” application from the Google Play Store or the App Store.




2- Buy your car diagnostic tool

From our website or in specialized stores (Amazon, AliExpress, Fnac, etc.)

PS: CarDiag is compatible with all OBD2 diagnostic tools




3- Locate the Diagnostic Link Connector in your vehicle

This is a somewhat triangular shaped 16-pin connector that is commonly located underneath the left hand side of the dash near the steering column. If you have trouble locating the Link Connector, refer to the owner’s manual, or search for the location on the internet using your car’s model and year




4- Plug the diagnostic device tool into Car’s OBD Port

Plug the diagnostic tool into Car’s OBD Port, then turn your ignition on





5- Connect to ELM327 Bluetooth

On your Phone / Tablet – go to

  1. Settings
  2. Bluetooth / WiFi
  3. Connect to Bluetooth/WiFi signal with names similar to : OBDII, OBD-II, ELM327, VLink, Can OBDII, WiFi_OBDII, etc.

PS : Sometimes, you have to disconnect all other devices already connected to your Smartphone.


6- Connect the diagnostic tool

If a code is required, please use : 1234

If above doesn’t pair, then : 0000






7- Start CarDiag App

CarDiag App communicates now with the onboard computers in your vehicle.\nDiscover all features : Diagnose Your Vehicle, Clear Trouble Codes, Reset your Check Engine Light, See Current Data, Freeze Frame Data And Much More