User Guide

1 - Buy your OBD2 Bluetooth device

Buy your OBD2 bluetooth diagnostic tool (available for less than 10 $)

2 - Install the CarDiag mobile app

Install the CarDiag mobile application From the Google Play Store

3 - Plug your device to your car

Find the diagnostic port on which your device must be connected:

Plug your CarDiag device into Car’s diagnostic port, then turn your ignition on

4 - Connect your phone to the device

On your Android Smartphone, go to:

  • Settings > Bluetooth
  • Connect to Bluetooth signal OBDII 
  • Enter the following code : 1234 (or 0000)
5 - Launch your car diagnostic

You can now open your CarDiag mobile application, and launch a diagnosic to easily check your vehicle’s health (breakdowns, component wear, CO2 emissions, etc.).