What type of noise is your AWD making ? I hear a whining noise.

//What type of noise is your AWD making ? I hear a whining noise.

* Issue : Low Transfer Case Fluid
* Description : The transfer case fluid level may be low due to a leak caused by bad transfer case seals or gaskets.
* Solution : Transfer Case Service

* Issue : Internal Transfer Case Failure
* Description : Internal damage to the all-wheel drive transfer case may be caused by low fluid levels or lack of lubrication. This would cause drivability problems.
* Solution : Transfer Case Service

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Please note :

Did you know that in most cases, the check engine light comes on even without a fault or because of a minor fault ?
And yes, the electronics can be fickle and can detect "failures" without incidence : poor fuel quality, fuel tank cap improperly closed, low oil level or even a faulty sensor.
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