How are the tires wearing abnormally ? Flat spots, cupping or various wear all over tire.

* Issue : Imbalanced Tire Pressure
* Description : Tire pressure plays an important role in vehicle performance. If your tire pressure is uneven or low, the vehicle may handle poorly and will lose fuel economy. If the tires are overinflated, the vehicle will not ride smoothly. Both underinflated and overinflated tires contribute to prematurely worn tires. Environmental factors such as temperature change may affect tire pressure, as well. Make sure to check tire pressure regularly.
* Solution : Tire Repair

* Issue : Worn Shocks and Struts
* Description : Shocks help control stability and reduce road impact. Faulty shocks add stress to other suspension components. Shocks must be regularly maintained to prevent wear to keep all suspension components working properly.
* Solution : Shocks Replacement

* Issue : Wheels Out Of Balance
* Description : If wheels are out of balance, it is likely your vehicle’s ride will be affected. The vehicle may vibrate or you may hear vibration noises while driving. Wheel imbalance may happen naturally, or it may be caused by a bent or chipped wheel. Irregular tire wear may also cause wheel imbalance.
* Solution : Computerized Wheel Balancing

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