What happens when you try to start the vehicle ? The engine cranks normally but does not start

* Issue : No Fuel Pressure
* Description : If there is no fuel pressure, the engine will not start. The first check in a fuel delivery problem is the fuel gauge. If there is fuel in the tank but no fuel pressure, a bad fuel pump may be the cause.
* Solution : Fuel Injection

* Issue : Bad Timing Chain/Belt
* Description : Timing chains are subjected to normal wear and tear over the life of the vehicle. The constant wear and tear will stretch the timing chain and wear the teeth of the timing gears. This includes the seals as well.
* Solution : Timing Belt Replacement

* Issue : No Spark
* Description : The ignition control unit is a non-service item that should last the life the vehicle, but like other electronic components they can sometimes fail.
* Solution : Engine Tune-Up

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