What issue are you having with your brakes ? I have a pulsating brake pedal.

* Issue : Warped Brake Rotors
* Description : Excessive heat or improper wheel lug nut torque may cause brake rotors to warp. Do you feel pulsation or vibration in the brake pedal ? It is necessary to check the rotors to ensure they are parallel, which means no variation in thickness. If the brake rotors are not parallel, it is time for brake rotor replacement. Remember, pedal pulsation is normal in vehicles with ABS when the ABS is working.
* Solution : Brake Rotor Replacement

* Issue : Out-of-Round Brake Drums
* Description : Extreme temperature changes may cause brake drums to go out of round. Faulty brake drums may cause may cause brake pedals to pulsate or pull. It may be difficult to identify an out-of-round brake drum to the untrained eye, so if you suspect your vehicle has out-of-round brake drums, it is important to bring your vehicle to our specialists.
* Solution : Rear Drum Brake Repair

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