What issue are you having with your brakes ? I have a spongy or low brake pedal.

* Issue : Air in Brake Hydraulic System
* Description : Air may become trapped in the brake system through moisture that is absorbed by brake fluid, during a component failure, or during a service procedure. If too much air is trapped in the brake system, complete brake failure may occur.
* Solution : Brake Inspection

* Issue : Brake Master Cylinder Internal Leak
* Description : If you notice low fluid levels or a sinking brake pedal, the master cylinder may be defective. The master cylinder will also wear more quickly if periodic fluid flushes are neglected.
* Solution : Brake Inspection

* Issue : Brakes Not Adjusted
* Description : When brakes are not properly adjusted, the brake pedal operates lower than normal. If your vehicle’s parking brake does not hold when fully activated, seek brake adjustment.
* Solution : Brake Inspection

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