What issue are you having with your brakes ? My brakes are squealing.

* Issue : Brake Pad Wear Indicator is Touching Rotor
* Description : The brake pad wear indicator has a metal tab and is attached to the brake pad. When this metal tab touches the rotor, the friction material wears away, and it may cause a squealing sound.
* Solution : Brake Inspection

* Issue : Low Brake Pad Quality and Worn Rotor Finish
* Description : Brake squeals may be caused by vibrations in your vehicle that occur naturally from the design of the brake pads, the brake pad surface, or the rotor finish. To fix the squeal, the brake pads may need to be replaced and the rotors may need to be resurfaced.
* Solution : Brake Rotor Replacement

* Issue : Worn Brake Pads
* Description : When the brake pad lining wears and the metal backing makes contact with the brake disc or rotor, this will cause a grinding noise. It is important to replace worn brake pads to prevent further damage.
* Solution : Front Disc Brake Repair

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