What problem are you having with your heat or air conditioning ? There is no hot air when the heat is on.

* Issue : Bad Heater Control Valve
* Description : Heater control valves are responsible for regulating flow of coolant to the heater core, which controls the temperature of heat inside the vehicle. If the fan is working but there is no heat, it could be the fault of a malfunctioning valve or loss of vacuum.
* Solution : Heating System Service

* Issue : Clogged Heater Core
* Description : The heater core may become clogged over time from contaminated coolant build up, or from “stop leak” coolant formulas.
* Solution : Heating System Service

* Issue : Bad Thermostat
* Description : Your vehicle’s thermostat controls the amount of coolant released to the engine. If the thermostat is stuck closed, your vehicle will not receive the proper amount of coolant it needs, and may overheat. It is necessary to replace a stuck thermostat immediately.
* Solution : Cooling System Repair

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