What problem are you having with your steering or handling ? There is a squealing sound when the wheel turns.

* Issue : Faulty Power Steering Pump
* Description : Regular wear and low fluid levels may cause power steering pumps to fail. It is important to make sure fluid levels are regularly maintained.
* Solution : Steering and Suspension System

* Issue : Power Steering Drive Belt is Loose or Damaged
* Description : The serpentine belt helps run the motors and pumps that make sure your vehicle is running smoothly. It is important to replace a damaged or loose serpentine belt, as it may cause your vehicle to stall, steering to tighten up, or your vehicle to overheat.
* Solution : Steering and Suspension System

* Issue : Low Power Steering Fluid
* Description : Low power steering fluid may be caused by a leak in the power steering system. To find where the leak is coming from, it is important to check all power steering components. Make sure to check the power steering pump, power steering rack, and power steering hoses. The component responsible for the leak will need to be replaced.
* Solution : Steering and Suspension System

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