What type of noise is coming from your transfer case ? I hear a whining sound.

* Issue : Low Transfer Case Fluid
* Description : The transfer case fluid level may be low due to a leak caused by bad transfer case seals or gaskets.
* Solution : Transfer Case Service

* Issue : Internal Gears Worn
* Description : Internal damage may be caused by low fluid. It is important to make sure fluid levels are normal to prevent damage to other components.
* Solution : Transfer Case Repair

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Please note

In most cases, the check engine light comes on even without a fault or because of a minor fault.
The electronics can be fickle and can detect "failures" without incidence :

  • Poor fuel quality,
  • Fuel tank cap improperly closed,
  • Low oil level,
  • A faulty sensor,
  • Etc...

Sometimes, a simple reset via CarDiag can solve a lot of "electronic problems".