Peugeot 207 – Change the battery

1.    Good to know

a. Estimated savings: 30 €!

b. Duration: 30min

c. Difficulty: 2/4

2.    Checklist of preparation

Tools Consumables

· Ratchet + extension bar 
· 13mm socket  
· 10mm socket

· Sandpaper 
· Paper towel 
· Copper grease

· Battery

3.    It’s gone … hands in grease!

3.1. Remove the battery

a. Shut off the ignition and apply the parking brake.

b. Pull the cover open handle and open it. View the battery located to the right of the engine compartment.

c. Lift the plastic cover at the bottom left to access the terminal. Lift the lug holding latch and extract the lug.

d. Open the plastic enclosure cover on the top of the battery. Using a ratchet and a socket of 13, unblock the cable maintenance nuts of the terminal minus (-) first then (+). Finish removing them by hand and remove the two electrical cables.

e. To avoid losing the nuts, briefly screw them back to their respective locations.

f. Close the lid, then with your thumbs, unclip the entire cabinet and position it so that it does not interfere with your next handling.

g. To remove the battery tray cover, pull it up to unclip it and then pull it out.

h. Using a ratchet and a socket of 8, unlock the ground lug and remove it.

i. Spread the plastic tabs on the calculator flange to remove it. Then, grab the latter with both hands. Pull it upward, sliding it in its seat and tilt it to the side so as not to force on the cables but also not to disturb you when removing the battery.

j. With a ratchet, a large extension and a 10-way socket, remove the bolt and remove the battery holder.

k. With the fingers of one hand, spread far enough to the right side of the battery tray. This removes a pin that prevents the battery from going out while simultaneously, with the other hand, extract the battery.

3.2. Install the new battery

a. Sand the inside of the pods with sandpaper to remove the white oxidation layer and eventually avoid insidious breakdowns.

b. To rest the battery, hold it with one hand by its handle and tilt it forward with your other hand. This will facilitate its insertion in the tray. Remove the terminal covers if they are present on the new battery.

c. To replace the battery holder, take a piece of paper towel that you fold in four, lay it flat on the socket, and then insert the bolt head into the socket.

d. To reassemble the retaining plate, carefully tuck it in by slightly pushing the battery in order to put it back into position. As usual start by hand and when finalizing the tightening insert the ratchet in the extension, block and remove the paper towel.

e. Replace the computer by sliding it in its rails. It should normally be fixed and pressed against the battery tray. Finish by snapping the dressing flange.

f. Rest the ground lug and while holding it firmly on the terminal, screw it with the ratchet.

g. Replace the battery cover by tilting it forward to tilt it in, then tilt it down to lock it. Rest after the plastic case by sliding it towards you in its location.

h. Open the cover, remove the two nuts and put back in place the first cable that remained in place on the vehicle. Remember to position it correctly in the guide on the battery tray.

i. The second is linked to the pod of plus (+). You must also pass it through the guide before attaching it to the deck. Finish by tightening with the ratchet and close the lid.

j. Reconnect the lug by simply tilting the lock cover down.

k. Done !

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