What do you see ? Tire looks flat

* Issue : Punctured Tire
* Description : A flat tire can happen at any time, Knowing how to change your tire and keeping a regular check on your spare, checking the pressure and quality of the spare, can wind up saving you time, money, and aggravation. Keeping a tire plug kit in your vehicle is also a good way to be prepared in case of a flat. Tire plug kits are inexpensive and can be a life saver on long trips, they come in professional and emergency kits, its a good idea to keep one in your trunk or glove box.
* Solution : vehicle idle fluctuation, hard brake pedal, and a hissing noise heard under the hood.

* Issue : Damaged Valve Stem
* Description : Vacuum is responsible for drawing air into the cylinders, it is also responsible for the operation of emissions system, braking system and cruise control system components. Vacuum is transferred through a complex system of rubber hoses and/or plastic tubes. The engine creates a great deal of heat and over time can cause the rubber and plastic hoses to dry out and leak. A vacuum leak can be elusive and take a long time to detect. Common symptoms of a vacuum leak include
* Solution :

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