Where do you hear the rattle ? Under the rear of the vehicle

* Issue : Damaged or Loose Muffler
* Description : A muffler is a regular service item, the muffler is designed to break down and trap pollutants from the vehicle emissions. Over time the muffler corrodes and neglecting to change your muffler can result in the vehicle not passing emissions standards, and releasing destructive green house gases into the atmosphere.
* Solution : Muffler Replacement

* Issue : Damaged or Loose Tail Pipe
* Description : Typically the exhaust tail pipes will become damaged from being scrapped on the ground or backed into another object. It is a part that hangs low causing it to be one of the first vehicle components that becomes damaged when backing up into a curb or hitting a bump which causes the vehicle to bounce and scrape on the ground. Tail pipes can also rust and wear out over time.
* Solution : Exhaust Inspection

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