What happens when the manual transmission is disengaged ? I hear an abnormal noise coming from the transmission.

* Issue : Worn Pilot Bearing
* Description : It is common for the clutch plate to wear down over time. The clutch helps separate the transmission from the engine, so the transmission’s gears can be changed easily without the engine spinning the gears in the transmission.
* Solution : Clutch Replacement

* Issue : Low Lubricant Level
* Description : Engine oil circulates while the vehicle is running to lubricate and cool internal engine components. Checking your vehicle’s engine oil is a part of regular vehicle maintenance. If engine oil is not checked and changed regularly, it will shorten the life of your engine. If your engine level is irregularly low, it is important to check for leaks.
* Solution : Lube and Oil Change

* Issue : Contaminated Lubricant
* Description : Contaminated lubricant may cause leaks. It is important to have lubricants regularly maintained to prevent problems.
* Solution : Transmission Repair

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