What problem are you having with your engine ? The vehicle is overheating.

* Issue : Low Coolant Level
* Description : It is important to regularly maintain the cooling system to prolong the life of the radiator.
* Solution : Cooling System Flush & Fill

* Issue : Faulty Engine Cooling Fan
* Description : The engine cooling fan is responsible for moving air across the radiator. This process keeps the engine functioning at an appropriate temperature. If the fan breaks down, the engine may overheat and cause serious damage.
* Solution : Cooling System Repair

* Issue : Stuck Thermostat
* Description : Your vehicle’s thermostat controls the amount of coolant released to the engine. If the thermostat is stuck closed, your vehicle will not receive the proper amount of coolant it needs, and may overheat. It is necessary to replace a stuck thermostat immediately.
* Solution : Cooling System Repair

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