What problem are you noticing with your engine’s performance ? I am noticing high idle.

* Issue : Leak in Vacuum
* Description : The vacuum plays an important role in drawing air into your vehicle’s cylinders, as well as assisting in cruise control components and the emissions system. Your vehicle may be suffering from a vacuum leak if you notice fluctuations when your vehicle idles, the brake pedals are harder to press, or if a hissing noise is coming from under the hood. When you notice an issue with your vehicle’s vacuum, it is important to find the source of the leak and seek necessary repairs.
* Solution : Vehicle Inspection

* Issue : Faulty Fuel Filter
* Description : It is normal for fuel filters to become dirty and clogged from dirt or dirty fuel. Natural breakdown of the fuel lines may clog the fuel filter and block fuel flow to the engine.
* Solution : Fuel Injection

* Issue : Check Engine Light
* Description : When your vehicle’s Check Engine Light comes on, it is important to seek service quickly to prevent damage to your engine.
* Solution : Dashboard Warning Diagnostic

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