When do you feel the vibration ? Constantly when traveling at higher speeds

* Issue : Front Wheels Out of Balance (Wheel Weight Fell Off)
* Description : Wheel balance can affect the ride of your vehicle, if the wheels are out of balance you may be experiencing a vibration feeling or vibration noise when driving, and sometimes its even stronger at highway speeds. Wheel balancing is done to compensate for heavy spots of the wheel and tire, if your wheels are bent or chipped this can cause your wheel to be out of balance. Wheel weights are adhered or clipped to the wheel rim to compensate for these differences. Irregular tire wear is also a symptom of a wheel not being balanced.
* Solution : Computerized Wheel Balancing

* Issue : Loose or Worn Front End Component
* Description : Loose or worn suspension components will affect vehicle handling and wheel alignment. Loose wheel bearings and worn bushings can cause vibrations, pulling, and increased tire wear.
* Solution : Suspension Inspection

* Issue : Bent Wheel/Rim
* Description : The most common causes of a wheel becoming bent is running into a large object, hitting a curb, or running over a large pot hole at a fast speed.
* Solution : Wheel Purchase & Wheel Installation

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