Where do you feel the vibration when braking ? Not sure

* Issue : Warped Brake Rotors
* Description : A warped brake rotor can be caused by excessive heat or improper wheel lug nut torque. If you feel a pulsation or vibration in the brake pedal, check the rotors for runout and parallelism (thickness variation). Pedal pulsation is normal on vehicles with ABS when the ABS is working.
* Solution : Brake Rotor Replacement

* Issue : Out-of-Round Brake Drums
* Description : Out-of -round brake drums are often caused by extreme temperature changes during normal braking. An out-of-round drum may look okay to the naked eye, but it can cause gabbing, pulling, and pedal pulsations.
* Solution : Rear Drum Brake Repair

* Issue : Loose or Worn Front End Component
* Description : Loose or worn suspension components will affect vehicle handling and wheel alignment. Loose wheel bearings and worn bushings can cause vibrations, pulling, and increased tire wear.
* Solution : Suspension Inspection

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