Where do you hear the chirp when you accelerate ? I’m not sure

* Issue : Loose or Worn Drive Belt
* Description : A serpentine belt is a rubber belt that is driven by pulleys connected to the engine, the belt then runs motors and pumps that are necessary to help keep your vehicle running. When your serpentine belt begins to make noise or is noticeably worn or damaged, its time to replace it. A bad serpentine belt can cause your vehicle to stall, steering to tighten up, and even overheat your vehicle.
* Solution : Serpentine Belt Replacement

* Issue : Worn Clutch Disc Surface
* Description : Over time, the clutch plate will wear down and “slip”. When shifting through gears the clutch is used to separate the transmission from the engine so that the gears of the transmission can easily be changed without the engine spinning the gears in the transmission. If the clutch is not used correctly it will wear down much faster and burn out.
* Solution : Clutch Adjustment and Inspection

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