Renault Clio 2 – Change car light bulbs

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1.    Good to know

a. Estimated savings: 26 €!

b. Duration: 20min

c. Difficulty: 1/4

2.    Checklist of preparation

· None· Bulbs 

a. To replace the headlight bulb:

  • Remove the right cover.
  • Remove the electrical connections.
  • Press with your finger.
  • Then, shift outward each small bracket. and let down the support system. (Try not to touch the glass of the bulb with your fingers)
  • Replace the bulb paying attention to the mounting direction. The cutaway is to the left.
  • When this is in place, you must hold it with one hand. So when you put back the brackets with your other hand.
  • Reconnect the electrical connections.
  • put the cover.

b– To change the signal light bulb:

  • Mark the location of the signal light bulb.
  • Grasp the tongue with two fingers.
  • Unscrew to take it out.
  • Replace the bulb.
  • To reassemble the assembly, reinsert it in its housing and make a quarter turn to the right. Then, grasp the tongue and turn a quarter turn to the left to remove the assembly.
  • Using a thin flat screwdriver, remove the metal tabs on each side of the bulb to release the bulb. Then replace it!
  • The rest is done by inserting all in its housing and making a quarter turn to the right. (Make sure the set is secure)

c. To replace the rear bulb light :

  • You should first remove the entire signal block.
  • Then, to do so, you will find in the trunk a butterfly that just unscrew to take it out completely.
  • Then, disconnect the connectors. For this, press the tab in the middle of the socket. Then, simultaneously pull up.
  • To access the bulbs, you must spread the four plastic tabs that hold the plate. (Each bulb removes in the same way.) Then, push and unscrew a quarter turn.
  • For editing, we push and screw a quarter turn!
  • For reassembly, position the deck. Then, press to clip it.
  • Finally, reconnect the connector and replace the block by screwing the butterfly in the trunk.
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