Renault Clio 2 – Change the battery

1.    Good to know

a. Estimated savings: 30 €!

b. Duration: 30min

c. Difficulty: 2/4

2.    Checklist of preparation

Tools Consumables
· Ratchet + extension cord 
· 13-way socket 
· Small ratchet 
· 10-way socket · Sandpaper 
· Paper towel 
· Copper grease
· Drums 

3.    It’s gone … hands in grease!

3.1. Remove the battery

a.  Shut off the ignition and apply the parking brake. Pull the cover open handle and open it. View the battery located to the right of the engine compartment.

b. never start by disconnecting the plus terminal (red). This risks creating dangerous sparks for your car’s electrical network.

c. Dévissez donc le boulon de la cosse moins à l’aide d’un cliquet et d’une douille de 8. Inutile de totalement le sortir. Ensuite, débornez la cosse et faites de même avec le boulon de la cosse plus. Puis,  débornez la.

c. Unscrew the bolt of the negative lug with a ratchet and a socket of 8. No need to totally take it out. Then unclog the pod and do the same with the bolt of the negative pod.

d.    Using a ratchet, a large extension and a socket of 13, you must now unlock the plate that holds the battery in its location. Unscrew the bolt completely, but do not try to pull out the plate, leave it alone.

e. Take the battery out of the slot. In case your battery is equipped with an acid vapor hose do not forget to remove it beforehand. Then, remove the retainer plate completely to easily replace your new battery.

f. Insert the new battery, and reconnect the acid vapor hose. Then reposition it correctly in its slot.

g. Screw back your support plate.

h. Reassemble the Positive Pod first. Then, when reassembling, make sure the lug is fully depressed on the terminal. Then, repeat the operation with the negative lug.

i. Done !

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