Peugeot 207 – Changing spark plugs

1.    Good to know

a. Estimated savings: 30 €!

b. Duration: 30min

c. Difficulty: 2/4

2.    Checklist of preparation

· Tip screwdriver · Torx tip 30 
· Flat screwdriver 
· Ratchet + extension 
· 14- piece spark plug
· Spark plugs

3.    It’s gone … hands in grease!

3.1. Remove the spark plugs

a. Turn off your vehicle’s ignition, apply the handbrake, and pull the hood open handle to open it. You will be able to visualize the engine cover to remove

b. To access the spark plugs, remove the plastic engine cover with a bit driver and a Torx 25 socket to remove the two exposed screws.

c. Release the retaining tabs with a flat screwdriver by pressing the tabs. You now have access to the four ignition coils that must be removed to access the spark plugs.

d. Disconnect the electrical part of each coil. For this, raise the small plastic hood.

e. To remove the coils, use a thick flat screwdriver: Insert it between the corner of the spool and the plastic protrusion. Use the latter as support to leverage with the screwdriver and lift the spool. Simultaneously with the lever effect, pull the coil upwards with your other hand. Be careful not to swap the coils together.

f. Using a ratchet and a 12-pin spark plug socket, unlock the spark plug, then, finish unscrewing by hand. If your spark plug is not equipped with an attachment system to remove the spark plugs, you can use the coil by inserting it on the latter to unscrew the last nets and take it out unhindered.

3.2. Install the new spark plugs

g. Use the spool to screw the new spark plug easier. Once a few threads have been taken, finish the screwing with the spark plug wrench, and tighten it 1/16 turn.

h. Install the ignition coil. A “Clac” will take place when it is properly nested.

i. Reconnect the electrical lug. For this, the locking cover must be raised. Insert the lug, and push the cover down.

j. You can now repeat the operation on the other spark plugs.

k. When finished, replace the engine cover by first taking the plastic tabs, then tilting to flatten and screw the two screws with the Torx screwdriver.

l. There you go !

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