Peugeot 207 – Change the front light bulbs

1.    Good to know

a. Estimated savings: 26 €!

b. Duration: 20min

c. Difficulty: 1/4

2.    Checklist of preparation

· None· Bulbs 

3.    It’s gone … hands in grease!

a. Pull the cover open handle, and open the cover.

b. For the sake of accessibility, remove the general power supply connector for the lights and then remove the plastic covers to access the bulbs.

c. Unplug the connector from the full-headlight bulb by pulling on it.

d. To undo the bulb, you must simultaneously press and pull to the right to release the clip of the holding pin. Rotate the clip down and remove the bulb.

e. For reassembly, the meaning of the bulb is important. Depending on the model, locate the location of the key.

f. When you insert it, you have to hold it with one finger while another goes to get the staple to put it back in position

g. Reconnect the connectors.

h. To replace the low beam, repeat the operation of the full-headlight bulb, the manipulations are identical.

i. To replace the pilot light bulbs, grasp the plastic cap and pull it out with small back and forth motions.

j. To extract the bulb simply pull it. Put the new bulb back in the base and insert it into the fire. You can now rest the rubber cover.

k. Flashers are a bit difficult to access: Grasp the tab with your fingertips and rotate to the left. To remove the bulb, press it and turn it a quarter of a turn.

l. Perform the reverse operation for reassembly.

m. Once all the bulbs have been changed, replace the general power connectors.

n. Done!

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