Peugeot 207 – Drain and replace the oil filter

1.    Good to know

a. Estimated savings: 60 €!

b. Duration: 60min

c. Difficulty: ¾

d. Perform the operation with the vehicle cold

e. Perform the operation on a flat floor

2.    Checklist of preparation

· Drain tray 
· Funnel 
· Cloth 
· Metering glass 
· Ratchet 
· 10-piece socket 
· Medium flat screwdriver 
· Tee 
· 21-way socket 
· Ratchet + extension 
· Cardan 
· 27-inch socket 
· Wire brush 
· Hydraulic jack 
· Taper plug wood
· Oil filter · Engine oil 
· Drain plug gasket

3.    It’s gone … hands in grease!

3.1. Drain the oil

a. Turn off your vehicle and apply the parking brake, then pull the hood opening handle and open it.

b. Remove the engine cover and open your oil filler cap.

c. To access the drain bolt, lift the front of your vehicle and place it on two candles (see “Raising your vehicle safely” tutorial).

d. Remove the plastic guard if present to access the drain bolt. To do this, provide a ratchet and a socket of 10.

e. Install a waste oil collection container

f. Unlock the drain bolt with the key on the first turns, and finish by hand. Be careful on the last nets, the oil can suddenly burst. You will need to anticipate with a bin or can of oil recovery.

g. Let the oil run for about ten minutes.

h. Replace the drain seal with a new one.

i. Then screw the bolt by hand at first, before finalizing the tightening with the key, without exaggerating.

3.2.        Replace the oil filter.

j. In order to access the oil filter, you must remove the air intake duct.

Remove the air intake duct by gently unclipping it from both sides. You will be able to easily visualize the oil filter.

k. Move the canister to recover the oil that will flow when removing the oil filter.

l. Slide your hand to access the oil filter. Unlock and unscrew by turning counter-clockwise. It must be able to unlock by hand.

m. Compare the new filter with the old one to make sure they are the same.

n. Take the new filter, and lightly oil the screw-on seal. This will avoid excessive friction of the seal on the engine block, which could reduce its sealing. In addition, it facilitates assembly.

o. Screw the filter back to the contact. At this point, grab it by hand, and add a half-turn tightening. Finally replace the air intake duct.

3.3.        Put oil back into the engine.

p. First, rest your car on the ground, as the oil level check should be done flat.

q. It is then necessary to add the oil in the engine. Start by putting 90% of the recommended amount, this will allow you to keep a correct margin for adjusting the oil level. You can find in the manual of your vehicle the exact quantity of recommended oil

r. Close the filler cap.

s. Start, and let your car run for 5 seconds. This will fill the oil filter.

t. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean. Put it back in its case. Remove it again and view the oil level.

The optimal level is close to the maximum, but be careful never to exceed it!

u. Depending on the level indicated on the dipstick, readjust to an optimal level.

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