Peugeot 207 – Raising the car safely

1.    Good to know

a. Duration: 10 min

b. Difficulty: ¼

c. Perform the operation on a flat surface

2.    Checklist of preparation

· Jack 
· Candles 
· Wooden cleat
· No 

3.    It’s gone … hands in grease!

a. First, if you raise the front wheels, remember to tighten the parking brake, this makes the vehicle more stable

b. Also remember to unlock the wheel studs if necessary as long as the vehicle is on the ground

c. Once raised the wheels turn and it will be difficult for you to unlock them.

d. We offer two methods of lifting: The first is to lift by leaning on the side members one side after another. To do this, insert a wooden or rubber wedge between the jack and the side member of your vehicle. The latter allows a better distribution of the pressure and will prevent you from bending the sheet of the spar.

e. Adjust the height of the candle to your grease, do not forget to lock the candlestick with the clips

f. Finally place the candle on the reinforced part of the spar, mark it with your fingers, then slowly lower the vehicle until it comes to rest entirely on the candle

g. Repeat on the other side, putting the other candle exactly the same. Always raise both sides of the car to have a balanced vehicle!

h. Once your car is stalled, do not hesitate to push it slightly to make sure of its rigging.

i. The second method is to use a single lifting point to simultaneously lift both wheels of the same axle. To do so, we must identify a central point of the vehicle, fixed and resistant enough to withstand the pressure of the jack.

j. At the front you can rely on the vehicle on the cradle, the central engine mount, (anti-torque or vulgarly called chicken bone), but not on the housing, at the risk of driving.

k. At the rear, the easiest way is to rely on the center of the axles, or rear axle.

l. If the operation requires putting the vehicle on four candles, always lift the front of the vehicle before lifting the rear.

m. To rest the vehicle always start from the rear, lift the car and remove the candles and put the car on the ground.

n. Repeat the operation at the front of the vehicle

o. Done !

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