Multi brand Car Diagnostic Device
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To check the vehicle health (breakdowns, obd faults, wears, pollution, battery) easily and in a few seconds.

49,90 € 39,90 €

find the car breakdown using a mobile app

Have you had this experience before? You bring your car to a mechanic for a minor repair and he systematically announces that there are costly repairs to be made on your vehicle which is still doing well.

Equipped with an OBDII device (inexpensive and easy to get : ~20$), the “CarDiag” Mobile app allows you to diagnose your vehicle and quickly list all problems in simple and easy-to-understand terms, allowing you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Now, dishonest mechanics can no longer cheating you.

Download the “CarDiag : Diagnose Your Car” mobile App on Google Play Store

Download the “CarDiag : Diagnose Your Car” mobile App on Apple Store

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