Find the car breakdown using the tree of deduction

Here are the good reflexes to have in case of breakdown of your car :

Not able to Start Car

Could Possibly range from – Starter Motor Issue (if only click sound hearing), Ignition Switch, Battery Issue (if car dead), Spark Plug Issue (however this shows symptoms in ignition days before), Fuel Exhausted or Overheating. In rare cases – the Engine Oil may be leaked due to hit on Oil Filter – which may worse cause in Engine Failure, if attempted to drive.

Takes Multiple Attempt to Start Ignition

Battery at near end of Life or not charging or Weak Battery. Other than it – Spark Plug Issue


Car Ignition Not Starting – Has Click Sound or Lights, Music System and everything Working but Only Ignition not getting on

Do you Hear Click Noise on an attempt to turn on Ignition. Most Probably the issue is in Starter Motor. Either it could be as simple as wiring gets loosened up or Starter Motor get heats up quickly. Get it checked out from a Mechanic

Car Started but not Moving

Do check first if Parking Brake up. If not – Issue could range due to Low Fuel Pressure Issue which may happen due to Blocked Fuel Filter or Fuel Pump Issue. Else, if check Engine Light on – it could also be due to Engine Oil Leakage or ECU Malfunction. Other reasons could also be due to Clutch Plate Failure which may not move the car a inch or Low on Gear Transmission Fluid or Worst Transmission System Failure


Problem of OverHeating on Car

A common reason for Overheating is – Engine Fan not working or Low Coolant or Leakage in Engine Oil. Else if, wherein Fan is working and Engine Oil and Coolant levels are optimum – Air Filter also needs to be checked as if blocked by Dust.  On Major cases, Thermostat or Radiator issue could be there – if both coolant is topped up and air filter is clean


Sudden loss of Power, RPM turns to Zero, Engine Stopped. Later on after 2 minues – car behaves normally

Most Common reason is that Error Codes in ECU which needs Updation. Do note ECU is like brain of car, which controls Engine Power, Idling, Ignition Timing, Exhaust, Sensors and every complicated system of Car. Visit your Car dealer and get ECU Diagnostic done to remove error codes and update the software for better functioning.


Noise from Engine

Low Engine Oil or Heavily Clogged Oil Filter can cause Noise from Engine. Do check if Engine Mount is broken as a probability for it too, Loose or Misaligned Timing Belt may also cause noise from Engine. Caution: Do not Drive when Engine Oil is below the Minimum Mark – it may Seize in the Engine causing very Expensive repair work


Car Started losing Pickup at specified 2000 rpm / 2500 rpm / 3000 rpm

Most Likely the issue as known is observed in Diesel Cars or Petrol Cars which comes with Turbo-charger. If your car has Turbo – you need to check for Inlet Pipe which may be lose or get Air Intake Filter checked – which may be clogged with Dirt. In extreme cases – get Turbo checked from a Professional Workshop, indicating an issue with Turbocharger


Metal Grinding Noise under Bonnet

Likely be the Faulty Clutch Bearing or in Old cars Timing Belt tension not adjusted which may cause metal grinding chan chan chan sound – either intermittently or continually


Noise from Power Steering at all times

Most likely cause is that Power Steering Fluid is low. Get it replaced or top up. In some other cases – based on sound type – it can be due to Loose Drive Bellt or remote possibility of Power Steering Pump Failure


Vibration in Steering Wheel

Could potentially be related to Suspension (Steering Tie Rod, Ball Joint). Engine Mount been broken. Alignment out with Balancing issue. Also check the Wheels, Axle which can also cause vibration in Steering Wheel of Car


Steering not Turning Back to  Center

If steering not returning back to center then most likely is the alignment issue with Caster angle setting of the car is wrong. Get alignment done and ensure that the model variant matches with recommended alignment setting in 3d Machine displayed Model Variant


Blue Smoke / White Smoke in Car

Blue Smoke Indicates that Engine Oil is getting burned due to possible Engine Valve Issue, Worn out Piston Ring. While, White Smoke on start up is Okay, but even if white smoke happening even after driving car for 5 minutes or so indicates that Coolant is getting leaked and getting Mixed with Engine Oil. Should check out Coolant and immediately get car towed or inspected by Workshop. As low Coolant or Low Engine Oil can seize in Car Engine


AC not Cooling in Car

Most Common reason is either the Condenser and AC Evaporator Coils might be full of Dirt  – may need cleaning or AC Gas might be leaked or finished, the gas needs to be refilled. In Cars with = Cabin Air Filter installed – it could be full of dust and needs immediate replacement. Know more details on  – Car AC Problems


Grinding Noise from AC on Starting AC Compressor

If AC creating Grinding Noise on starting then AC Clutch Pulley Bearing turns faulty and would likely need replacement.


Squealing Noise from Engine Bonnet When AC is Switched On

If there is squeal kind of Noise Goes when AC Switch is turned on, visually check for AC Compressor Belt – it may be loosened up. Get it tightened and also check for Drive Belt too. It may be possible that due to Wear & Tear – a replacement would rather be a better option


Car Battery Down – Push Start a Car

First and Foremost – Advisable to take help of Mechanic or 24×7 Assistance to Jump Start Car Battery by charging. In case you are unable to get help and has to push start car – Get Car on Second Gear, push the clutch completely. Take help of 2 People to Push the car from the back, now as the car gains momentum and is in motion, keep the accelerator pushing and simultaneously takes your foot away from the clutch. It will shudder and Start the Car. Do not turn off the car. Caution & Disclaimer – In Modern Age Cars, it may fail in the catalytic Converter. To be used only as an exception as last resort when unable to get on Roadside Assistance based on above caution.  The method does not work on Automatic Cars


Water Leakage Inside Cabin from Roof Light

Probably Antenna nut could be loose or the rubber cushion on antenna is worn out (Applicable for Cars where Antenna is just over and above the roof light)


Car Feels like Stuck in Some Gear

Check in Gear Transmission Oil, it could possibly be low or There could Probably be Air in Clutch System which needs Bleed to remove excess air or the Clutch Adjustment needs to be done


Not able to Shift some Gears or Shift all Gears at alll

Possibly the Clutch Master Cylinder and Clutch Plate Assembly Issue. Check it for Replacement


Car Engine Cranks but does not Start

A common reason to it is very low battery, almost finished fuel. Also is the need to check Glow Plug (in Diesel Car) or Spark Plug (in Petrol car)


Car Engine Block Damage

Visually inspected with a Crack in Engine Block or when Engine Oil mixing with Coolant. Check Coolant. Some other causes are Engine Overheating, Excess Smoke or Car Performance issues with Speed, Pickup


While Driving – Car Steering suddenly turns hard when switched on AC

Stop the Car. Turn On Ignition and under Bonnet – check Belt Movements. Would likely be Crankshaft Pulley Issue or Probably the AC Belts are worn off and need Immediate replacement. Turn off AC for any further damage


Car Starts Vibrating or Jerks or Burning Smell in it

Is the Wheel Balancing due ? Do you keep your foot too much on the clutch pedal ?
Reasons : Clutch plate might need replacement or Misaligned Tyres is creating Steering Vibrations in your car. If a burning kind of smell is observed, while pressing Clutch then most probable cause is Clutch Plate only. Other Probable causes, with slow pickup (without any burning smell) could be Clogged Fuel Filters, Injectors in Diesel Cars or Carbon Deposits in Engine or even worse problem in entire Suspension overhaul – Refer Authorized Workshop.


Car Not Accelerating or Slow in Pickup

If you finding a slow acceleration or rather pathetic pickup – reason could be range to number of factors. But, for self diagnosis could you check in – when was the last time – Air Filter & Fuel Filter were replaced, Spark Plug & Fuel Injectors were cleaned. In Rare Cases – for very heavy usage cars – Engine Decarbonizing is done to remove Carbon deposits


Jerk on Start, White smoke, Engine Knocking and Car Pickup poor with Performance  loweR

Most Possible reason is that Fuel supply is Inadequate which may cause Engine Misfiring thus jerks, white smoke. This is due to Fuel Injectors been Clogged. If you visit Dealer this will ask you to replace in Fuel Injector which costs around Rs 50000+ for set of 4 Injectors. If there is no leakage and possibly due to clogged Injectors – An alternate way is high pressure cleaning of Fuel Injectors and Fuel Injection system which costs around rs 7000 – 8000 in after-market workshop and may rectify the issue. Contact in reputed ‘A’ Grade after-market service center of Bosch, Mahindra First Choice, Carnation


Diesel Car Slow in Pickup

Does your car ride and handling has also deteriorated. Most Probably EGR Valve can be blocked. EGR and Intercooler Cleaning generally resolves the issue in most of the Diesel Car


Low Mileage, Poor Performance, Excessive Smoke

Most Likely Fuel Filter Assembly be clogged and may need replacement or Worse need Expensive Turbo Replacement. Though – Dealer claim in Turbo Issue in Diesel Cars – but Turbocharger does not fail in like this – Best to go in with Diagnostic Scanning Check to rule out Turbo Issue


Low Fuel Efficiency

Low Mileage is a common issue – Reasons could be many – Clogged Fuel Lines, Carbon Deposits, Dusty Air Filter, Throttle Body full of dust and needs Cleaning, Jammed Oil Filter, Contaminated Engine Oil, Clogged Injectors etc – It can be only known – if you go in with proper Service – Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Engine Oil Change along with Air Filter Cleaning or Replacement, Injector Cleaning, Engine Decarbonizing


Car Fitted with CNG – Power Loss, Slow Pickup, Car Stopping on Low Speed

Check Tuning – if CNG Fitment is incorrect – it leads to all these issues. If Tuning is correct, read second part
CNG Cars – needs on time servicing and repairs. Has CNG Filter been changed at 15K – 20K Kms, is low pressure CNG Filter changed at 30K – 40K Kms. If CNG Filters are not changed – it build up all these problems. Along with it – ensure Air Filter are cleaned every 5000 Kms and replaced at 10K Kms. Also – Spark Plug should be cleaned once a year and be replaced at 15K – 20K Kms. It will control the problem in the car


Car Steering Starts Vibrating on High Speed

Did you checked Tyre Pressure of the car. Most common reason is OverInflated Tyre. Also check your Wheels – any bent in it can cause Vibration in Steering wheel when car gains speed. Some other reasons could be related to Suspension – Car Steering Rack Bent which can cause Wobbling on High Speed or Your Car Engine Mount are cracked or broken which can cause Vibration.


Car Steering Vibration on applying Brakes

Get Brake shoe, Brake Caliper, Brake Pads inspected in. Also could likely be related to Brake Rotor Disc in Front which may be out of shape.


Car Steering is Shaking, Noise from Wheels even on Slow Speed

Is your Car Driven more than 1.5 Lakh Kms. In most Probable Case – Wheel Bearings needs replacement. Check Steering Rack too.


Car Gets Stopped in Rain

Is the water logging on roads, in most probable circumstance – the water could have gone in Starter or Exhaust Pipe. Let it Park on a safe height and get the Engine dried up. Call a Mechanic. Caution: Do not do Multiple attempt to Turn on Ignition on Water Logged roads – it may create HydroStatic Lock causing Expensive repair work


High RPM in Tachometer on Starting Car

Actually its no Problem, if it happens only initially after a car is Started over overnight halt. Here ECU Sensor tries to heat engine and rpm levels drop within 30 seconds to Normal. If it does not check Problem lies mostly in Throttle Body / Oxygen Sensor in Emission


Brakes Very Tight on Pressing

In Most Likely Scenario, Brake Booster has Got Faulty turning Brake Pedal into Fairly Hard Pedal to Press in. Check it along with Vacuum Hose – there could be a Problem in it too.


Brakes Not Effective, Weak Brakes, Not Responsive

Get the Brake Fluid replaced as either its low or contaminated which is causing bubbles in brake fluid and its strength is loosened. Do also brake bleed done after replacing Brake Fluid. Also – get Brake Pads checked – it might be wear out enough to provide effective braking experience


Clutch Tight on Pressing

Most of the Modern cars have Hydraulic Clutches. Does the Issue happen, after Changing Clutch Fluid. If yes – get Clutch Bleed done to remove air in the system. If not – Check Clutch Fluid levels. Most of the Clutch plates do have good Life and does not fail within 25,000 Kms, do not change it upfront atleast under 40,000 Kms – unless you are a bad driver who puts his left foot on the clutch itself, while driving the car. Hopefully, it should work out in most of the cases and may not need replacement of Clutch Plate. For Older cars, grease it so as to soften the system


Car Tilt Sideways

When car does not move in straightline or tilt sideways during driving, the most probable issue is inaccurate Tyre pressure or misaligned tyres and needs Wheel Alignment. In other extreme cases, the bushes, coil springs would need replacement

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